Discounted Newspaper Subscription-Louisville Courier Journal{Expired}

November 11, 2011 by Debi  
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For those of you in Louisville, Lexington & surrounding areas, right now the Courier Journal is offering a great deal on Newspaper subscriptions where you get the Sunday paper delivered to your home for 99¢ per issue ($4.30 per month) for 6 months. You can get up to 9 papers delivered at this price. I normally buy this paper for $2 per issue so it’s a really good deal! The sale price will also compensate for the weeks when there are no inserts. This is actually one of the better papers for coupons in Kentucky.

**Note that you will NOT be able to get this offer by calling customer service.**

The delivery is actually handled by the same service that delivers the Lexington Herald Leader!

If you’ve been able to get a copy on the Enquirer, you’ll notice it has more coupons. Unfortunately, you can’t get a delivery for that and it has now become even more difficult to get it in stores since most people have made the same observation.  The Courier Journal is still an infinitely better newspaper for coupons than the Lexington Herald Leader.

The second option is to get a weekend subscription (Friday, Saturday & Sunday delivery) for $1.99 per issue ($8.65 per month) for 12 months. If you already subscribe, you can still get these rates for additional subscriptions as long as your total subscriptions do not exceed 9 per household.

I’ve also been told this offer can be pulled at any time so get in on it now, if this is something that interests you.

(Note: A link in this post is my referral link. Read my affiliate disclosure policy here.)

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    41 Responses to “Discounted Newspaper Subscription-Louisville Courier Journal{Expired}”
    1. mary says:

      What is considered the surrounding areas?

      • Brian says:

        I signed up for this offer last week but never received a confirmation email…so I called 'em today and they had no record of me signing up but wouldn't give me the offer over the phone without a promo code…has anybody successfully signed up through this link?

        • Debi says:

          What day did you sign up? I just called them and they said it usually takes a whole week for the subscription to start getting delivered. Please let me know if you don't get it by this weekend and I can follow up again with them.

          • Brian says:

            I signed up the day it was posted on the blog. But they had no information at all where I had even signed up. I would assume they'd at least have the information to be processing. I signed up again today but I still didn't get a confirmation email so I'm assuming the same thing happened…I guess we'll see. Maybe next time I'll discuss it with a manager…

    2. Debi says:

      I'm not sure of all the different areas they deliver to, I think it tells you after you enter your zip code.

    3. cindy says:

      I live in the Louisville area and when I called the Courier Journal to get this deal, they told me that they would be happy to give it to me, IF I had a promo code. Is there one??

    4. Melissa says:

      I signed up for this last week, after calling The Courier first to make sure I could get the paper delivered to me in Richmond. When I submitted the form, it said my order would be processed within 48 hours. No order confirmation number, no confirmation email. Nothing at all since then. I was going to call them today, but got too busy. I am getting worried because I used my debit card. Is this a legitimate deal, or am I in danger of having my bank account wiped at some point?

      • Debi says:

        Hi Melissa, your account will not be wiped out and you won't be charged until the date the subscription actually starts. Louisville Courier Journal created this deal for us but it's not an offer they've given in the past. The sign up page is completely new, I'll ask if they can include a customer assistance number for anyone who has difficulties signing up. I'm going to talk with the manager today and get it straightened out. Yesterday she said they only started getting the orders on Friday last week for delivery this weekend. I'll find out if they received earlier orders, since that is when I also signed up and I haven't heard back either. I'll update this afternoon.

    5. Debi says:

      I just confirmed that all your orders were received and are set to be delivered this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

      • Brian says:

        Thanks Debi! I received a confirmation email today from them! This is a great deal…I appreciate you setting this up!

    6. Debi says:

      Let me ask about that and get back to you.

    7. Melissa says:

      Hi Debi,

      I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my Courier Journal this morning. Thanks so much!

    8. cindy says:

      I received one paper this morning, however, I had ordered two. I appears that I am being charged for two. I was planning on calling them to find out what's up. (hopefully it wasn't a case of anyone taking the second paper).

    9. Laura says:

      I still have not received my paper nor have I gotten an email with my account number. How can I verify if my order went through or if my credit card has been charged? Thanks so much!!!

    10. Kara says:

      I"m in Lexington and signed up and was told that I was not in the home delivery of the CJ is not availble in my area. Can you shed any light on this?

      • Debi says:

        I will have to follow up on this since most of us heave been able to get it delivered here. Can you email me your mailing address? I will contact them on Monday to try to find our more info for you.

    11. alena says:

      I would like to know if those living in Bowling Green ky can get this deal, before I subscribe. Please let us know, thank you.

    12. Lisa says:

      I called the Courier-Journal and was told that you can only take advantage of the offer one time, and if you get additional subscriptions, you have to pay the full price for each one. Has anyone been able to get multiple subscriptions for the advertised rate? I thought about getting one in my name (with my debit card) and one in my husband's name (with his debit card).

      • Debi says:

        Hey Lisa, you cannot get this offer by calling customer service, you just have to go through the link and submit it for up to 9 subscriptions per household. You will not be charged until the week you start receiving the paper. It normally takes about 2 weeks to start getting it.

    13. Vicki says:

      I'm new to this and I ordered the courier journal and then I saw where I can get it for .99 a week but they say I need a promo code and I don't know how and where to go Please help me thank you.

      • Debi says:

        There is no promo code needed when you go through the link in the post. I don't know of any promo codes available for this deal.

    14. Erica tucker says:

      I ordered 4 subscriptions on November 11th, the day you posted. As of today, I still have not received the first one. I do not see a number to contact anyone for assistance. Can you help?

      • Debi says:

        Erica, you will not be charged until your subscription starts. Unfortunately they do not provide a confirmation e-mail with your account number until the subscription actually starts. Also, if you call the CJ customer service number, they will not have an account until the subscription has gone through. Let me know f you don't get the paper next week Sunday.

        • erica tucker says:

          I understand that I will not be charged until the subscription starts. I just want to make sure that I don't wait too long and come to find out that the CJ never received my order in the first place and the promotion is over. I just wish there was a way to find out if the order was even received. I will wait until Sunday and see what happens. Thanks for replying.

          • Debi says:

            Thanks for understanding Erica. I've contacted them a few times when the start up was delayed and always find that they have received the orders and it takes a few weeks to process.

            • Erica tucker says:

              Hi Debi,

              I just wanted to get back with you today and let you know that I still have not gotten my subscriptions yet. Please, check on it for me and let me know what I need to do.

              Thank you so much for all that you do. I have saved so much money thanks to your site!

            • Debi says:

              I will send an e-mail to my contact right now and will likely hear back tomorrow. Will copy you.

    15. Laura says:

      I signed up for the Courier Journal, 7 days a week, several weeks ago, it stated that it would take 3-5 days for delivery to begin. I see in the previous comments that the subscription takes longer for delivery. I would like you to please check on this for me because I am tired of waiting.

    16. Casie says:

      Is this deal still valid??

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