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January 10, 2012 by Debi  
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The Money Saving Mom®’s Budget, is available to purchase TODAY (January 10, 2012) and you can find it wherever books are sold! It’s also available in e-version for your Nook, Kindle and will be available in audio format very soon.

I was truly blessed to receive a copy and to glean wisdom from the pages of this book before it hit the shelves. If you read Money Saving, you know Crystal is no ordinary couponer. Her frankness shines through the pages of this book as she tells you everything from how they made it through on a monthly income as low as $650 in a month to paying cash for their beautiful home.

You will be inspired to live a debt free lifestyle, regardless of your current financial status. Crystal’s approach to couponing is very well rounded, the same approach comes through in the chapters of this book. You will find tips that will change many areas of your life, complete with work sheets. The Money Saving Mom®’s Budget is for the newbie to couponing as well as the advanced the couponer.

Here are some of my favorite topics that are covered  in the book:

  • Streamlining your life, time and household.
  • How to create a budget with three simple steps that will take you from no budget to a full fledged budget in a short time
  • How to build credit without using credit cards
  • How to cut your grocery budget without using coupons
  • How to use coupons
  • Freezer cooking
  • Saving on prescription glasses, restaurants, travel, utility bills and other everyday household expenses

Right now you can get a FREE preview of Chapter One of The Money Saving Mom®’s Budget.

All the proceeds from this book are going to Compassion International. The funds received so far has been enough to completely fund an entire year of the Child Survival Program in the Dominican Republic.

I’ve started working through the rules and implementing the strategies presented in the book this year. I would love it, if you would join me in this journey. My first step is really getting a handle on the receipts, papers and clothing in our home. It’s made a big difference in the last few weeks. I was truly amazed!

Next step is getting back on a budget. Hubby and I were doing this until I got laid off, we ended up moving and a bunch of other things threw us off course. While, we did not pile up debt or anything of that nature, we got out of the habit of really tracking our money and where it was going. This is one of my goals, this year, so the book is right on time.

Enough said for now, 6 Bluegrass Savers readers will win one copy of The Money Saving Mom®’s Budget. Simply leave a comment about one of the ways you save money other than using coupons. The giveaway will be open until midnight 1/12/2012.

6 winners will be chosen, contacted and announced on 1/13/2012 and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification. I reserve the right to choose a runner-up if no response is received after 48 hours. No purchase necessary. The number of eligible entries receives determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited.

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    185 Responses to “The Money Saving Mom’s Budget-Book Review & Giveaway”
    1. Jessica Bowman says:

      I buy family size packages of meat and portion them into meal size and put in freezer bags. The family packs are cheaper and that way I can make it last longer too.

    2. Dawn says:

      We use hand towels instead paper towels, so I don't have to buy the paper and its more environmentally friendly. We also buy less processed food which is better for you and cheaper.

    3. Amy says:

      I nurse my baby rather than formula, we use cloth napkins instead of paper and we consign both as sellers and shoppers.

    4. Karen says:

      I try to make almost all of our meals from scratch. I also use cotton dishtowels instead of paper towels. I shop at resale shops such as Savers and Goodwill and save on Senior Days when they lower to prices. I grow my own vegies in pots and window boxes on my apartment balconies.

    5. Tracy Adams says:

      Buying in bulk has helped my family alot, catch things when they are on sale and stock up.

    6. Cortney says:

      I make my own household cleaners and detergents.

    7. Pam says:

      Since using coupons, I am learning to make my laundry detergent and make my own dishwashing liquid. I've learned to keep my freezer stock, but too extreme. Just enough to last for 3 weeks. I am also learning to matchup prices better at Walmart. My electris bill stays under $80.00 per month. I live in an all electric townhome. i would walk to work, but I work in another city that's 20 miles away. i am taking my breakfast and lunch to work with me. I am drinking water from a BPA bottle instead of buying bottle water. We are eating more healthier.

    8. Terry K says:

      I buy up market produce and meat loss leaders and promptly repackage, date and put in the freezer. Surplus gleened also stocks my daughter's freezer which significantly helps them save as well.

    9. Alita says:

      1.I go to second hand clothing store. People really realize that they can get good quality NAMEBRAND clothes from there as little as $.25. I got my son a Kenneth Cole Sweater for $1!!!
      a.I have also purchased Thermal Curtains from the Second hand store. In order to save on heat we use plastic and then the Thermal Curtains to keep the heat inside. So we put the heat on at night and in the morning, and let the curtain keep the heat in during the day.
      b.I’ve purchase books, and even puzzles for my son
      2.I use ComEd for my electricity but I took advantage of using a company that had a lower rate then ComEd. Though I receive the electric from ComEd, I pay a lower rate through the other company.
      3.My sister had her son first, so instead of me buying brand new clothes, and shoes, we recycle. The shoes and clothes her son wore, is now what my son wears. For the clothes and shoes that were still durable, I was able to use that for my son.
      4.I shop at the Day Old Bread Store. When I shop here I pay around 4 to 5 bucks for 9 to 10 loaves of Bread. These are 1 day expired bread that is still good. I freeze any breads that I’m not using.
      5.Instead of buying cooking and cinnabuns. I know make them.
      6.Every two weeks I make a huge dinner, and then freeze unused meats to use at a later time.
      7.I don’t use my loose coins, but rather let them pile up. Once it gets to a certain stack, I go to cash them in for paper money. This is then used for gas usage, or emergency purposes.
      8.Rather then buying Pasta Sauce, I make it from Tomato Paste and seasoning.
      There are much more, but thought to share these 8 that I do

    10. Patricia Crowley says:

      I save money by cooking at home…it's much cheaper than doing take out or eating out!

    11. Dana says:

      We never eat out unless absolutely necessary (traveling)…but we do you coupons those times when we do eat out.

    12. Kristin says:

      We have Magic Jack instead of a standard phone line. This means there is always a phone at home if the kids are home alone. Also – we have an antenna for our TV to get a few channels for free (so, combined with Netflix, no need for cable). Awesome!

    13. Brianna says:

      We don't have cable TV. Saves money and time since we can use that time in other ways.

    14. Rachel says:

      I save money by being careful to use leftovers instead of letting food go to waste.

    15. Kimberly says:

      I make my own baby food for my two children.

    16. Amber M. says:

      I make my own foaming hand soap by refilling the bottles with a small amount of dish detergent and water.

    17. Holly says:

      To save money, we meal plan! It makes a big difference in our budget!

    18. Maria says:

      I make sure to tithe first thing. You can do more with the other 90% when God is in your finaces!!! Thanks to a wonderful Godly Mother, I learned this lesson very early.

    19. Darcie says:

      I save money by comparing prices with all of the sales circulars and then taking my comparison list and circulars with me to one store that will match prices. Saves money and gas.

    20. Leslie says:

      I save money by turning off lights and unplugging appliances.

    21. Cindy Brick says:

      I add up to four cups water to a gallon of whole milk. Presto – "skim" and a lot more milk for the price!

    22. Meena says:

      I look out for deals online and buy stuffs when they hit bottom low. I also keep note of any major sale to track next year. I am very careful when I make a purchase. I don't buy stuffs just because they are on sale. I buy only things I need.

    23. Nadia says:

      I make my own laundry detergent, and use a drying rack to dry the laundry instead of using the dryer. It saves energy and money! Plus, my clothes stay newer longer.

    24. Angela says:

      I buy most of my produce at a Farmer's Market.

    25. Diane says:

      We do a lot of bartering, such as my husband has fixed broken chairs and that person, a lawyer, helped us write out our will.

    26. Ashley says:

      One way I save money is to take my lunch to work everyday

    27. deanna ashworth says:

      I save money by shopping for my families clothing at yard sales, and of season clearance sales.. love kohls with all the coupons and kohls cash!

    28. Mindy Kroesche says:

      I have a meal plan and try to make most of my food from scratch.

    29. Sarah Lancaster says:

      I save money by buying bulk when I can and cooking our meals from scratch.

    30. Erica Wierenga says:

      I save by comparing prices, buying in bulk, making alot of my own food, cutting back on eating out and definitely following a cash budget! I've been finding alot of household cleaners and freezer cooking ideas etc online! I'd love to learn more!

    31. Joy A says:

      We save money by cloth diapering!

    32. Allison says:

      We have purchased furniture and sporting goods on Craigslist for about 5 years now and almost always save 70-80% off of retail.

    33. vickie says:

      We try to buy our clothes as cheap as possible through sales or second hand

    34. Emily says:

      I shop through Ebates for things that I would regularly nuy so that I can get the rebate.

    35. Melanie says:

      I save money by using budgeting software. I allows me to categorize all our spending and set up budgeting envelopes for each category. It has allowed us to pay cash for 2 vacations this past year!

    36. Casey Benac says:

      My husband and I save money by making as many meals from scratch as possible! It is amazing, if you are willing to take the time, how much you can save by buying the raw goods or ingredients and cooking/baking the old-fashioned way!

    37. Joanna FIelds says:

      We heat our home by burning wood in the woodstove. It is a real labor of love for my husband, but the whole family joins in with the chores that come along with burning wood. We save around $2,000/year.

    38. kathy says:

      We save money by making meals from scratch and not having cable.

    39. Pat says:

      Plan a week's menus from what's on sale at the grocery.

    40. Lynette says:

      We save money by cooking and eating at home.

    41. Beth says:

      We save money by using cloth diapers!

    42. Carisa says:

      We save money several different ways. One way we save is to shop for used clothing at Yardsales and at Goodwill.We also shop clearance racks at stores for clothes marked way down.

    43. karen b says:

      We compare prices & majorly watch whats on sale.

    44. Merideth says:

      I buy used whenever possible

    45. Elizabeth Covington says:

      I save money by shopping for our kids clothes @ consignment stores with money earned from rebates earned and money earned from selling clothes and used toys.

    46. Rachel says:

      We save money by packing lunch and cooking for our every day meal.

    47. Kathryn McClain says:

      wow! We save by trying to be creative with leftovers and reducing our energy bill by unplugging things that continually use power. I have learned so much from moneysavingmom.

    48. Brandi says:

      I save money by making my own foaming hand soap!

    49. This year, I'm going to save money by doing a cash only budget and not going to stores like Target just to pass the time.

    50. Alexandra Howard says:

      We use cash envelopes to manage our money! I'm so excited about reading Crystal's book!

    51. Karen says:

      I save money by buying second-hand things for my kids…they don't know the difference, but my checkbook does!

    52. Heather K. says:

      We save money by using cash rebate websites when we shop online!

    53. Melissa B says:

      I consign my kids clothes and also purchase primarily consignment or garage sale clothes for them.

    54. Angela says:

      I save money by buying our clothing the year before, on clearance. I got some of next years Christmas gifts at 90% off Christmas clearance.

    55. jennifer says:

      We cook from scratch, food shop only weekly or bimonthly, buy in bulk, hardly ever eat out, don't buy anything we don't NEED, and follow a strict cash budget!!

    56. Shelly says:

      We buy milk for the month and freeze it, so we're never stopping by the convenience store or making an emergency trip to the grocery store (which usually results in buying other things we don't need). We also buy eggs for the entire month and try to get enough produce for a couple weeks.

    57. Grace says:

      I've been saving money by buying more things in bulk, waiting to buy until items are on sale if possible, and eating out less. It's working!

    58. Tasha says:

      We purchase clothes from second hand stores and plan our meals out monthly to save on trips to the grocery store!

    59. Alena Orrison says:

      We save money by shopping around before making purchases and keeping a price list of items we regularly buy. I also make all of our meals from scratch and we rarely eat out.

    60. Bernice says:

      We dont eat out ever and when we leave the house we take a drink or 2 with us along with a snack if its going to be a longer day. We grow a garden and that has helped not only us but family and neighbors as well. Now if we just had a cow for milk and cheese lol. I iron all his clothes myself instead of sending them out to be done. For us a night out for fun is sitting around the bbq pit with familly and enjoying life.

    61. anthonyciofani says:

      I hope I win

    62. Ashley says:

      I'm trying to use the crockpot at least once a week. I also cook more simple meals a couple of nights a week.

    63. Miranda says:

      I make all our food and we rarely eat out. Also we always shop sales!

    64. Kathy says:

      We save money by trying to get what we can for free from Craigslist or deeply discounted at thrift stores.

    65. Abigail says:

      We save money by trading home baked goodies with the feed store in exchange for chicken, rabbit and dog feed.

    66. Amanda Houle says:

      I save by using things I already have in the house in different ways. Diaper boxes with flaps cut off are great for storage and organizing!

    67. Laura says:

      One of my New Year's resolutions is to save money by getting back to menu planning. I have fallen out of the habit, but it is such a great way to control grocery spending.

    68. Merrilee says:

      We save money by baking our own bread and making our own pizza every week.

    69. Joanie Pruneski says:

      I save money by making my own clothes and homemade snack foods. We don’t eat out much but I try to duplicate resturant meals with recipes online.

    70. JOCELYN GROCE says:

      We save money by creating and sticking to a spending plan, and paying cash for groceries. We also saved a ton of money by being a one car family for nearly 10 years!

    71. Donald says:

      We decided to cut cable and get of the air TV now. Helps save $50 a month!

    72. sheena says:

      We save money buy shopping @ Aldi's; They sell unknown name brand foods that are just as good (if not better) than the name brand foods. 5lb bag of flour – 0.89 cents; 10 oz bag of potato chips – $1.39; A lot of canned goods for 0.55 cents a can. I also make alot our baked goods – muffins, bagels, pancakes.

    73. Arielle says:

      Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without

    74. Elizabeth says:

      I save money by stocking up on buy one get one free items . . . with or without coupons and by cooking from scratch.

    75. Chena says:

      I use to help keep me on track with my budget. I price match. I cut down on my grocerry and have to shop weekl;y because when I shop every 2 weeks they kids eat everything us so fast. so when they see a smaller amount in the fridge they try to make it last the whole week.

    76. Catherine says:

      Our family saves money by purchasing clothing on craigslist for our three children and by rarely eating out, and recycling anything we can. Thanks for all the posts that you do they have really helped our family to meet our goals.

    77. Monica says:

      we save money by rarely buying clothes from retail stores..we thrift shop. :-)

    78. Kelly Palmer says:

      A couple of ways that we save money is by never eating out and shopping at thrift stores. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! :)

    79. Saryn Perrone says:

      I save money by sticking to a weekly cash budget. This covers all expenses with the exception of fixed bills and medical expenses. Once the money is gone, then we are finished spending for the week. This has led us to very careful and planned purchases and lots of creativity!


    80. sandra says:

      Shopping at thift stores, limiting the amount of times we eat out, and renting movies for $1 rather than going to theaters at $8 per ticket

    81. Shellie says:

      We do a coupon swap so I don"t have to buy multiple papers

    82. Jess L says:

      I make most of food from scratch and it saves us a ton of money, plus it’s better for us’

    83. linda says:

      I am very active with church and exercise. In my little groups we share hot bargains, coupons and other ways to save money. I would love to win this book so I could share the wealth.

    84. Michelle says:

      I save money by making my own bread and baked goods.

    85. Traci says:

      I love to do my kids toy shopping on Craigslist. Much cheaper and nothing a little cleaning can't make new. For example, I got a train table for $10 and spent $10 on paint and 2 hours cleaning and repainting. Now it looks like it cost a lot and it is even personalized!!

    86. latanya says:

      eat out less

    87. Athena says:

      We don't eat out at all, and try to make everything from scratch, using what is on sale.

    88. Rachel Beita says:

      We garden and raise chickens

      beitagrubb at gmail dot com

    89. Sheila says:

      I save money by having a garden and I make crafts to sell.

    90. Kandice says:

      I cut my husband's and son's hair each month.

    91. melissa dudley says:

      garage sales!

    92. Heather H says:

      I love meal planning and only eating out once a week. That seems to really help save us money. :)

    93. Alison says:

      DIY – making my own laundry detergent, cutting my husbands hair, cooking a LOT…very little eating out

    94. kaity says:

      We cloth diaper!

    95. Bridget says:

      My husband cuts his own hair and our sons. He also cuts mine because it is one length. We coupon and we went with another mobile phone company to lower our expenses.

    96. Diane L. says:

      My family saves lots of money by buying restaurant gift certificates from daily deal sites. We often save 50% on a meal. Of course, we need to be careful to only buy certificates for places we already plan to eat.

    97. Becky L says:

      We haven't had cable for over 10 years. We don't even have smartphones (although I'd really love one). I stockpile groceries when I find a good sale and stack with the coupons I have. We use Groupons for eating out. I make all of our baked/snack foods.

    98. Brooke Richardson says:

      I go to thrift stores or consignment shops and find almost everything i need.

    99. Samantha says:

      I shop for clothes at second-hand stores and buy textbooks through Amazon (I saved around $100 on books this semester).

    100. Julie says:

      We hardly ever eat out, unless on vacation and never go to the movies. We read books from the library instead of buying them.

    101. Urban Wife says:

      We buy all our clothing at Goodwill or thrift stores.

    102. Denise says:

      We dont eat out. We take it to go if we decide to eat out, so that saves us money. I recycle and have friends recycle. We recycle clothes by sending them to friends or relatives or donating them to charity.

    103. Jbon says:

      I save money by teaching an exercise class so I can get a free membership for myself. Works great all around!!

    104. I started making my own chicken broth from my cooked chicken bones and have started freezer cooking a little. I've already seen a savings!

    105. Olivia w says:

      I save money by not going out to eat. My son and I agree for ever time I say "lets go out to eat" and he says no counts for 1 star. When we reach 10stars we get to go to his favorite restaurants or McDonald to play. It minimizes how many times we actually go out to eat:)
      *key is not to say lets go out to eat every day though ;)

    106. Carrie says:

      I do some freezer cooking to help week night meals.

    107. Michelle C says:

      When I started shopping in a smaller store with less stuff (instead of Walmart), I was not tempted to buy as much. I really don't miss the occasional $5 DVD from the bargain bin.

    108. Ashley says:

      We save money buy having local channels only and watching other favorite shows via the internet for free. :)

    109. Erin says:

      We buy used! I try to spend very little time in malls and stores – I figure I'm saving money by not being tempted into buying something!

    110. Crystal M says:

      My favorite way to save money is shopping around and buying used instead of new! Found a great desk set on Craig's List for 1/2 the price I'd previously seen it at a consignment store!

    111. Amanda says:

      Cut my kiddos & hubby's hair and workout at home instead of paying for a gym membership are two ways we have started saving….beside coupons of course. lol =)

    112. Peggy Sorensen says:

      I cut the cost of watering my garden by saving rainwater and I make my own fertilizer by composting not only fruit and veggie scraps, but also coffee grounds, newspaper, junk mail and cardboard.

    113. Scotty B says:

      My family and I save money by shopping at clearance racks only!

    114. Crystal says:

      I plan a monthly menu and stick to it to minimize eatting out.

    115. Esther says:

      Menu planning for sure!

    116. Dina says:

      I love meal planning and freezer cooking.

    117. Heather Summerford says:

      I buy clothes for my kids on the clearance racks in the off season…

    118. Sharon says:

      I also started meal planning and cook enough for multiple meals so I am not tempted to eat out if I'm too tired to cook – now there's always something quick to throw together. It makes a HUGE difference in my budget as I used to eat out a lot.

    119. Jill says:

      We save money by taking care of the things we already own– getting something repaired is a lot cheaper than throwing it out and buying a new one. Better for the environment too!

    120. Allison says:

      We've gone on a strict budget for january- would love some more guidance!

    121. kimberly says:

      i am a janitor! (it's really not that bad — humbling) anyway, i always see coupons in the trash and so that is one way i am able to collect more than what i get in my weekly paper to help with the grocery shopping…
      but i also love clorox wipes, and will try to use one as long as possible — rinse & re-use :)
      we usually only shop at the goodwill/consignment for clothes :)
      we try to get as many uses out things as possible… re-using food jars (ex: spaghetti sauce, pickles, salsa) to organize craft items/change/other things:)
      we usually only buy what is on sale or generic brands (even if there is a Q for name brand)
      we use all junk mail paper for scrap to print coupons we get online :)
      just a few ideas off the top of my head~

    122. Wendy says:

      We have an antenna, so we only get one local channel. I cut our hair – even my 17 year old will usually choose to have me cut his rather than spending his money to have it done! Thanks for this giveaway!

    123. Jessie Downey says:

      I cook all my meals at home and when we go out I prepare meals for that. Eating at restaurants and fast food places really add up. You don't realize until all the receipts are in a pile!

    124. stephanie moody says:

      we coupon and shop a lot online with sites like ebates and :) thank you for the giveaway!

    125. Kathryn Jones says:

      We eat simple, healthy meals at home. We hardly ever go out to movies, no cable TV, etc…

    126. Denise G. says:

      I save money by using cloth napkins instead of paper.

    127. Inna Olimpiyuk says:

      I enjoyed reading other coments and learned a lot, while I do shop ONLY from clearance racks, goodwill, also Plan Menus for the week( starting this New Year)

    128. Melanie says:

      I make my only soup mixes, sauce mixes, dressing mixes, etc. That saves a lot in the long run!

    129. Crystal says:

      I do alot of pre planning my day before looking for what I will need to do for snacks taking out any meat before hand and so I am not temped to spend on going out to eat

    130. victoria says:

      We save money by being a one car family!

    131. Jen says:

      I buy in big bags and then portion it out!

    132. Kathleen P. says:

      We have 4 children, so we shop for clothing at thrift stores frequently.

    133. Kim Campbell says:

      I love to make a game out of using coupons..using the ads in the newspaper to find the best deals!

    134. candace says:

      Cut my hubby, son and dogs hair myself :) we limit our "out" meals to 1-2 a week (mostly weekends when we're not even home), shop thrift stores, use the library for weekly "fun" lotsa times….and more!

    135. Teresa Biby says:

      I shop at yard sales for clothes–much better deals!

    136. Karen Martin says:

      I save the most by cooking our meals at home and not eating out. Just dinner for dh and myself is 30 dollars or so and I could feed my family of 7 on that for 2 or 3 days. It's crazy when you compare what you're getting.

    137. Tanya Chavez says:

      I save by comparing prices at other stores and then shopping at Walmart. Thank You

    138. Leslie says:

      I make a menu and a budget and we stick to it! Thanks for the opportunity. elleb at inbox dot com

    139. Genia says:

      I have four children, three are teenagers. We save money by buying only on clearance, cooking meals at home, and using our local library for movies, etc. Anything free is our fun time. We go to the local park to play, taking meals with us. I also have a system to take our savings from coupons to use for savings in rainy days. Thank you so much for your site. We try to get every freebie you have and use the suggestions you give for coupon matching. I am new with this, so it really helps. I also use shop at home to get rebate money back on buying school books for my kids. Thanks again!

    140. Sandra Rose says:

      I compare the sizes of the products so that I am buying the most and getting the most taken off. A smaller bag of dog food with a coupon is sometimes a better deal or a smaller mustard might be free. And free is ALWAYS better!!

    141. Karen says:

      I try to stay out of stores! That's one easy way to save money. I also have a habit of creating grocery lists at the beginning of the week and then taking all week to evaluate if I really need those items. Half the time, I end up never going to the store at all!

    142. Pam A says:

      We save money by only drinking water, both at home and when we go out to eat.

    143. Marybeth says:

      I buy in bulk when the price is right!

    144. Colleen says:

      We garage sale to save money

    145. Naomi says:

      I save by shopping Target Clearance! Love that store!

    146. Maureen says:

      I coupon as a way of life!

    147. Kathy K says:

      wash & reuse ziploc freezer bags!

    148. Jennifer P says:

      I go to consignment sales for my kids' clothes.

    149. Abby says:

      I make my own baby food :)

    150. Katrina says:

      I only buy clothes from clearance racks! Or if I have a coupon. Or both! lol

    151. pam says:

      I dilute my hand soap…I buy big bottle of dish detergent at dollar store

    152. Beth says:

      I run outside instead of paying for a gym membership, shop at consignment stores, only buy when items are on sale……

    153. Maura says:

      This year we have a plan to pay off what we call our "medical mortgage", this is the amount we owe our local children's hospital from our daughter's surgery. We have been making payments for almost 2 years (it was a major surgery with an extended hospital stay) and this March we will finally have it paid. So excited to have an extra $110 a month!

    154. Lori says:

      I buy my childrens clothes at thrift stores. We do not use credit cards, only cash when we have it on hand.

    155. Kelly says:

      I'm working out at home instead of purchasing a gym member ship.

    156. Ashley H says:

      I use swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards and use them for Christmas shopping.

    157. cassie b says:

      I try to make more food and cleaning items from scratch. We cloth diaper and I love my mama cloth!

    158. Stephanie Gates says:

      This year I'm trying to make my own laundry detergent, dishwashing soap and other household cleaners in effort to save more money

    159. Tiffany says:

      I make a budget and if it is not in the budget I do not buy it. This stops money spent on impulse buys.

    160. Kristie Anderson says:

      We save money buy cooking most everything by scratch. Saves money and tastes sooooo much better!

    161. Trisha says:

      I save money by making my own products such as laundry detergent, salt scrubs, cleaners, etc. The internet and sites like this are full of recipes.

    162. Martha says:

      I have found resources within our community that help my budget. There is a thrift store that makes their excess donations available free of charge. You just go and see what's there that you need! Many of our clothes have come from here – free!

    163. Debra Williams says:

      We make saving money & using coupons a family activity! My husband and 3 kids are always on the hunt for a bargain…whether it be a coupon, free offer, clearance mark down, craigslist or looking thru the Sunday circulars…anything to save money! We just bought a brand new garage door, still in packaging that one of my kids found on craigslist. We have needed a new door for 2 years and our patience paid off—we got it for 75% off! 10 eyes scouting for bargains are much better than just 2!!

    164. Becky Evans says:

      We use the library a lot for our entertainment. Internet, movies, books. It's a great resource.

    165. Michelle says:

      Twice a year I gather all the outgrown and gently used items and put them in a consignment sale that comes 2 times a year here (JBF – Just Between Friends) and I receive 70% of what I mark them as. I don't have to worry about a yard sale, or sitting for 2 days praying someone will show up. At the end of the 3 day sale, I go and pick up what I did not sell or I donate it. I always have very little left to pick up or donate, and then I get a big fat check for what sold (big smile)!

    166. Anne Y. says:

      I save money by shopping at Consignment stores and thrift stores for my family. It really helps my money go further when needing to purchase necessities like clothes and shoes.

    167. sarah says:

      We save by not eating out much.

    168. virginia geist says:

      I shop sometimes at a store here in Colorado called "Extreme Bargains" , prices are sometimes 1/2 of what reg stores sell them for ( unfortantly they don't take coupons); also buy from Goodwill thirft stores and/or F;ea market stores

    169. Kristen says:

      We try not to eat out that much and eat a lot of leftovers instead!

    170. Clarinda says:

      I save money by saving clothes from one kid to the next. With 5 kids we have saved alot. Plus getting hand-me-downs from family for my older girl. Consignment shops with rewards and free clothing events put on by area churches have really saved money.

    171. Valerie says:

      Oh goodness….let's see…The Ways We Save Money….We do several things such as shop at consignment and thrift stores. We try to cook as much as possible at home, leaving eating out for emergency situations, fellowship or special occasions. We make our own bath soap. When necessary we have made our own laundry and dishwasher detergent and shampoo. Hand-me downs are great and work well – as we have two boys! We check out free movies at the library and use free resources from the internet to supplement our homeschooling adventures. We garden and can all that is possible and are learning to grow as many medicinal herbs to help aid in times of sickness. We raise our own beef and have a milk cow. The health benefits out weigh the cost of upkeep! I suppose the list could continue but we will stop with that!

    172. Kelli says:

      I save money by downloading e-books for free thru my local library!

    173. Jessica Tillett says:

      I buy some items used when possible to save money.

    174. livingmyportion says:

      I often use dryer sheets twice to help save on the cost of those. I also buy my daughter's clothes at consignment sales. My latest thing is to download books from the library and other sources for free instead of purchasing them..

    175. Melissa says:

      I am addicted to decorating, but it's costly. I save money by repurposing a lot of thrift store and yard sale finds to use around my house.

    176. Sandy B. says:

      I cut my dryer sheets in half to make them last twice as long.

    177. Tami H says:

      I exchange books through paperback swap, buy things through Groupon and other sites, use swagbucks to shops at amazon and buy clothes at thrift stores or when on-sale at outlet stores.

    178. Michelle says:

      we make a lot of food at home- there is nothing better than the taste of homemade bread

    179. Brenda C says:

      Well howdy! Thank you for your generosity! I save money many ways aside from coupons. I shop for my children's clothes at thrift and consignment shops, I plan frugal menus each week and avoid fast food, we have a one-night-a-week leftover buffet, etc.

    180. Michelle Weston says:

      I save money by buying in bulk online. I don't have to go to the store, wait for it to go on sale, or lug my two little ones. I may not be saving 90% off but I am saving time and aggravation….definitely worth it. Most of the time it's free shipping and coupons are emailed or showcased so I do save money too.

    181. Margaret says:

      I save money by buying half price items in the grocery store.

    182. cassie says:

      to save more, we only buy what we need on grocery trips (mostly to aldi). Aldi makes it easy because they only have a few selections of the basics.

    183. Jacqueline Sayers says:

      I have been couponing for almost 3 years this May, it was a necessity. But, we were shocked when we got into the groove of couponing, we use the stores weekly sales ads, so help stretch the coupon by being able to stack store coupons along with manufactures coupons. I have made our own Laundry detergent, used it as gifts. Made my own facial scrub and passed out to family for Christmas. We have been going to auctions also, we have purchased some nice furniture for a fraction of the new prices. Just wanted to share.

    184. Linda L says:

      We started using a budget just over a year ago, and included some spending money for each of us so we didn't feel deprived. What a difference! My husband loves to cook and garden, and I love to sew, so we have lots of canned/frozen stuff from the garden, and I have made and sold a bunch of stuff to pay for things not in the budget. We love it! And we also cut our garbage bill TREMENDOUSLY by burning paper in the burn pile (on burn days), taking all cans to my husband's workplace to the recycle bin, and putting any scraps of food (other than protein based stuff) in the compost pile.