{Expired}99¢ Louisville Courier Journal Subcription Offer-Coupon Code

April 26, 2012 by Debi  
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For those of you in Louisville, Lexington & surrounding areas, right now the Courier Journal is offering a great deal on Newspaper subscriptions where you get the Sunday paper delivered to your home for 99¢ per issue ($4.30 per month) for 6 months. You can get up to 7 papers delivered at this price. I normally buy this paper for $2 per issue so it’s a really good deal! The sale price will also compensate for the weeks when there are no inserts. This is actually one of the better papers for coupons in Kentucky.

The delivery is actually handled by the same service that delivers the Lexington Herald Leader!

The Louisville Courier Journal is a much better alternative. You can still get it delivered to your door for 99¢ per week (Sunday Only) max 7 subscriptions per household, submit form for each subscription. It has more coupons because it’s from a bigger city, you will notice the biggest difference in the Redplum insert. It will take about 6-8 weeks for your subscription to start.

The second option is to get a weekend subscription (Friday, Saturday & Sunday delivery) for $1.99 per issue ($8.65 per month) for 12 months. If you already subscribe, you can still get these rates for additional subscriptions as long as your total subscriptions do not exceed 9 per household.

Note that the fine print says it that the offer expires 12/31/11 but it loos like the CJ has not updated the site since they offered us this deal. You do not need to have any coupon code to get in on this.

**Note that you will NOT be able to get this offer by calling customer service.**

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